Monday, September 27, 2010

Press Release - Maxim Lapierre awarded the Jean Béliveau Trophy

Maxim Lapierre awarded the Jean Béliveau Trophy

MONTREAL (September 27, 2010) – The recipient of the Jean Béliveau trophy for the 2009-10 season will be honored during a ceremony prior to the game between the Florida Panthers and the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre tonight. For the occasion, Canadiens legend and Hall-of-Famer Jean Béliveau will be presenting the award to forward Maxim Lapierre for his charitable endeavors and involvement in the community.

The selection committee, comprised of members of the Board of directors of the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, evaluated the candidates according to the effort, enthusiasm, implication and time invested in both collective and personal initiatives. Each nominee was also evaluated on his commitment, leadership and financial assistance to the causes close to his heart.

Maxim’s efforts in the community are particularly felt with the youth in need throughout the province of Quebec. Ever since he joined the NHL, Maxim has been adamant when it comes to supporting charitable organizations with a generous heart. Maxim responds in spontaneity whenever touched by an opportunity to partner with community groups and individuals in need. His motivation comes from the opportunity to be a positive role model for Quebec’s youth. He is motivated to give back to the community and strives to make a difference.

His contribution comes in part from his annual golf tournament which benefits the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation. In 2010, the 2nd edition of the Maxim Lapierre Tournament raised $50,000.

For the past two seasons, Maxim has been the spokesperson for the Canadiens game day lottery lending his name to the popular initiative in support of the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation. This year, Maxim accepted to be the spokesperson for the Riverside School Board campaign against bullying and violence at school and on the school bus.

The Jean Béliveau trophy is awarded annually to the Canadiens player who best exemplifies leadership qualities in the community. In honor of Jean Béliveau’s devotion, attentiveness and commitment to the community, the award is accompanied by a $25,000 grant from the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation which Maxim will remit to organization of his choice.

The Montreal Canadiens are proud to contribute to Montreal and Quebec’s heritage not only through their on-ice accomplishments, but also their commitment to the community. Accessibility, authenticity, generosity, commitment and team spirit are the values cherished by all members of the organization as they unite their efforts to make a difference for the present and the future.


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