Thursday, August 26, 2010

LIVE HABS CHAT: Friday, 2pm - "40 Days 'til puck drop"

Join Eric Engels, Steven Hindle, and myself tomorrow afternoon at 2:00pm for a live Montreal Canadiens Round Table chat!

With little more than a month to go until the 2010-11 season kicks off, this will be a prime chance to kick off all of the debates about the Habs and their potential for success this year.

- Please feel free to submit your questions for us in the thread as we will try to tackle as many issues and subjects as possible, but also want to know what you would like to hear about.

Note: As we had an overwhelmingly large crowd on this chat last time, we will be fielding your submitted questions first, so ask as many as you'd like in the threads and we will address them by question and username.

For you regular, you can send me a Tweet (@KamalPanesar)or email with your questions, and I'll make sure they get in the mix.


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