Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who are the Top 10 Canadiens Captains of all time?

I hope you're all enjoying your weekends folks! I myself am running out the door to a bachelor party and will be in radio silence till tomorrow evening.

That being said, I need your help:

I was just given an assigment by the Bleacher Report to make a slideshow, for, of the top 10 Canadiens Captains of all time.

So, what I wanted to do was get YOUR thoughts. You tell me what YOUR top 10 list is of Canadiens Captains, in order, and tell me what for each.

What I wil do is put together a consensus top ten list based on your feedback. So fire away!

Enjoy your weekend folks! I'll check back in on Sunday eve...if I survive! ;-)


1. Jean Beliveau
2. Yvan Cournoyer
3. Bob Gainey
4. Maurice Richard
5. Toe Blake
6. Butch Bouchard
7. Guy Carbonneau
8. Henri Richard
9. Saku Koivu
10. (Intentionally left blank as a memory of the 2009-2010 season)

1- Jean Beliveau
2- Bob Gainey
3- Butch Bouchard
4- Doug Harvey
5- Maurice Richard
6- Henri Richard
7- Guy Carbonneau
8- Toe Blake
9= Yvan Cournoyer
10-Newsy Lalonde

Voila my top 10

1-Jean Beliveau
2-Toe Blake
3-Maurice Richard
4-Bob Gainey
5-Butch Bouchard
6-Newsy Lalonde
7-Guy Carbonneau
8-Saku Koivu
9-Henri Richard
10-Yvon Cournoyer

Thanks for your comments, folks! I'll be compiling everything today and posting my consensus slideshow on Bleacher Report tomorrow morning.

Watch for the link on Tuesday.

Thanks again!

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