Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick Hit: Habs Sign David Desharnais and Alexander Avtsin

In two more moves intended to boost the Canadiens farm system, the Habs have come to terms with diminutive forward David Desharnais and offensive powerhouse, Alexander Avtsin.

Avtsin was signed to a three-year deal while Desharnais agreed to a one-year two-way contract.

While Avtsin is expected to make the jump to the NHL this season or next, Desharnais remains a bit of a long shot because the Canadiens ranks are already filled with small, quick, skilled forwards.

Look for Desharnais to get a chance when injuries befall the team this year.

For the Desharnais press release click here.

For the Avtsin press release click here.

So what do you think about these signings? What are the chances Desharnais gets a shot on the team? Will Avtsin be the offensive force that people are expecting him to be and if so will he make the team this year or next year?


I think Desharnais has a better shot of making the team than Avtsin. I see Avtsin heading to the AHL to adjust to the North American game unless he totally blows everyone away in training camp. Desharnais has definitely paid his dues in the Q, ECHL, and AHL. He'll be given a real look in training camp and if he's able to make his size an afterthought in the coaches' minds, then he'll get a spot.

Then again, another small top six guy is not what the Habs need. There just may not be a place for Desharnais. If Gio goes down, I could see Desharnais called up first.


The problem with Desharnais is his size. Yes he can produce and possibly succeed but when 4 of your top 6 forwards are already 5'11 or smaller, fitting in yet another 5'6 player is just impossible.

I think Desharnais quite possibly can become the next Martin St.Louis. It just won't happen in Montreal. He needs top 6 ice time with offensive players not guys like Pyatt, or White.

@Haaris: First, I agree that Avtsin likely will need one year in the AHL. That being said, if AK and/or Pouliot falter, he could get a shot this year, further into the season.

As for Desharnais, I tend to agree with Willey: he has all of the skills but is in a unfortunate situation in that the Habs simply don't need another small forward up front.

Desharnais needs top-6 minutes to reach his potential and with Cammy and Gionta already in the fold, I just don't see it happening.

Thanks for your comments guys!


On the other hand as Haaris mentioned if Gionta or Gomez or whoemever gets hurt this year then Desharnais would be a perfect call-up.

The other thing I was thinking about was what if Martin goes with a more offensive line-up this year. Last year we had 2 scoring lines and 2 plugging lines.

What if we changed things up somewhat with an all kids line. Say with 2 guys with size on his line.


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