Thursday, July 1, 2010

Habs Sign Alex Auld to a 1 Year, $1 Million deal

Quick note that the Habs have signed Alex Auld as the backup to Carey Price. A bit of a surprising move, but the Habs didn't want to spend more than $1 million on a backup.

The 1 year deal gives the Habs options going forward.

Here are Alex Auld's career stats:

So what do you all think of this move? Good? Bad? Desperate?


it's alright! could be worse!

Nice deal, cheap & short terms.
No confusion with startup goalie, that's what we needed, nothing more

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Should be a reliable backup for at least one year.Martin & Groulx know what he brings to the table. Mustn't be that bad or they wouldn't have allowed PG to sign him.
Cap friendly & he seems like a character guy.

Hey all and thanks for your comments!

Yep, I think this move, while surprising, gives the Habs the most options going forward.

This allows them to see what happens with Price, allows Desjardins a possibility of stealing the backup role, and let's the Habs play the field next year.

Keep in mind that with Hamrlik, Markov and Gill's contracts coming up next year, that Habs will have a ton of money coming off of the books.

This move gives them the flexibility to see what happens with their goalies.

It's "understandable".

We could have probably afforded the extra 500k for Ellis but i don't think Ellis was going to come into a situation where Price is so evidently tagged as the #1 goalie.

That said, Alex Auld is probably only here for the 1 year we signed him. He's cheap, and risks drawing less likelihood of a controversy. I could have seen "Price-haters" get on the Dan Ellis bandwagon, however, i just don't believe there is such a thing as an Alex Auld bandwagon.

Therefore not good, not bad, but understandable.

Hey Stevo, well said!

This is a classic low-risk move that gives the Habs the most options going forward AND clearly establishes Price as the undisputed number one.

The Habs will now live or die by Price so we'd better hope that he comes through this season!

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