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You Be the Canadiens' GM - Question 5: Would You Make a Play for Lecavalier?

For the final question in the five-part series about what you would do if you were the Habs GM, I asked fans a question that brought a lot of hate-mail on me.

Well, mail hate-mail is the wrong word, but the question really got a lot of people in a bother and, to be honest, I completely understand why!

This is a tired topic that most fans thought they'd never have to hear about again.  The Habs came close—a few seasons ago—to acquiring Lecavalier in a trade, and when that trade fell through, many were happy to hear the end of it.

That being said, for question five in this survey, I asked fans if they would make a play for Vincent Lecavalier.

Keep in mind that this survey was done a few weeks ago so some of the answers no longer hold water. Here's a sampling of what some of you fans had to say:

Question#5: Would you make a play for Vincent Lecavalier?
1. Insert projectile vomit sound.

G-D forbid we bring in Vinny and watch him become useless while wearing a Habs jersey.

He is the girl you always dreamed of hooking up with but know deep down if you did, things would end ugly or you will be left with some itchy uncomfortable feeling down your pants.

Many players get motivated by contracts but when you sign a 10 yr deal, it’s hard to be playing for that other contract. I just envision heavy disappointment from unrealistic expectations in Montreal thus leading him to be completely miserable in this city.

2. Vinny? No way, no how. That ship has sailed.

3. Would only happen if they added some other players, and took Gomez and the Kostitsyns. Even then Gomez's contract is shorter.

4. Only if they take Gomez's ridiculous contract back. I would actually be really interested in Marty St. Louis if it was not the fact that he has the same size as Gionta. Swap Gomez, Markov and a pick for Lecavalier and Ohlund.

That's the only thing I could see happening.

5. No, Not ever, Never He's a 70 point player making the money of a 110 point player. The Habs already have one of those guys.

6. If you can get Vinny for cheap, sure pull the trigger. If not, I say don't do it. Last year, if I remember correctly Tampa Bay wanted Higgins, Gorges, Plekanec and Subban for him. All of those guys except for Higgins ended up being huge contributors to the team this year. Either way, Vinny's contract is just too big and we already have Gomez's monstrosity of a contract to deal with...

Consensus: No way, no how. Absolutely do not make a play for Lecavalier.

This one is a pretty open and shut case, to me. While Lecavalier was at one point one of the top three players in the league, he seems to have slipped a bit from that mantle over the last two seasons.

Now that Steven Stamkos is in town as the new young stud, Lecavalier is playing a slightly lesser role on the team. That being said, I think now that Guy Boucher is coaching the Bolts, Lecavalier has a very real chance of returning to his 90+ point level.

That being said, I think that the only way the Habs can or would make a play for Lecavalier would be if the Bolts were willing to take Scott Gomez back in the trade.


I think that with Steve Yzerman at the helm of the Bolts, they are going to try to hold on to Vinny for at least one more season to see what he can do while playing under Boucher.

As for the Habs, they seem set in their current direction with Michael Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, Scott Gomez, and Tomas Plekanec all having at least four years remaining on their contracts.

I am in agreement with what many of the fans had to say on this subject: that ship has sailed.

So what do you think? Would you make a play for Vinny? Does this question make you want to murder people? Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and thanks to the many people from Bleacher Report,,, and Inside Hockey who sent in their responses!

POLL RESULTS - Would you make a play for Vincent Lecavalier?
Hell, Yes! - 22%
Hell, No! - 77%


I think the only way I'd be satisfied is if we traded away Scott Gomez and Hamrlik for him, but then again, I'd rather have those two over Vincent..

I would much rather get Martin St Louis.

The question does make me feel just a little bit violent. Are there still people beating this dead horse?
Lecavalier's still good, but I don't think he's ten million dollars' worth of good.

Hi there Anonymous and Rookie and thanks for your comments!

Anon: The two biggest albatroses that the Habs have (as far as contracts go), are Gomez and Hamrlik FOR SURE.

There is a slight possibility that the Habs could move Hamr this summer, but more likely closer to the trade deadline, IF the Habs are out of contention.

Gomez, on the other hand, is basically an immoveable contract. The only way to move him is to take back an equally bad contract back.

Rookie: Yep, makes me feel sick too. The only reason I asked the question is because you and I both know that IF there is a chance at getting Lecavalier, the Habs' braintrust WILL look at the opportunity.

They have to, if for nothing else but a potential marketing boon.

That being said, I truly think that Lecavalier, while he is a good player, has a horribly ugly contract which I personally want no part of.

Gomez has four more years and Hamr is done this summer. That will let the Habs start moving away from the ugliness.

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