Thursday, June 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - Jaroslav Halak Traded to the Blues

Confrimed by TSN, RDS and Habs Inside/Out - Jaroslav Halak has been traded to the St. Louis Blues.

ESPN's Pierre Lebrun is reporting that the deal is for Lars Eller and Ian Schultz.

Hockey's Future Profile on Lars Eller

Hockey's Future Profile on Ian Schultz

The deal is done. Here are some news links on the matter:

Habs Inside/Out



Maybe there really is a conspiracy in the NHL. Maybe they eliminated too many big stars, and this is their punishment.

LOL! I hear what you're saying Paul but I think that this trade might not look so bad in a few days.

If you think about it, it is essentially a 1st (Eller) and a 3rd (Schultz) round pick for Halak.

That's not SO bad. No?

I think what a lot of people are upset about is the fact that the Habs didn't get an impact player coming back to them.

But who says they could have? Maybe this was the best they could do and once they made the decision that Price was their future, moving Halak was a mere formality.

Thanks for your comment!

I don't think this is a bad trade at all, would you trade Halak for Subban? Well the Blues just did that.

Too bad everytime I mention this "habs" fans get mad at me!

Stand by your habs people, Halak wasn't that special ;-)

Nick is that "Habs" fan comment directed at me like you did on the Addicts Alley again? Or do you mean in general every Montreal fan who doesn't agree with you or Gautier regarding this trade? Or is it just the Halak fans who are not real "Habs" fans?

Just because I don't agree with it, I'm not a real Habs fan, is that it? Thanks for clearing that up for me. Guess I've been just pretending for the past 30 years then?

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