Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Habs News - Habs fire 6 scouts, Boucher to Columbus, Development camp opens

The Montreal Gazette - Questions Surrounding Habs

Habs Inside/Out - Bloodbath in the scouting department

Saving $$$ on scouting

Boucher, Blue Jackets talk

RDS - 30 hopefuls at development camp (French)

CH: Cleanup in the scouting department (French)

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What was the point of tossing David Fischer et Co? Did they suck that badly? Can the scouting get worse? Personally I'd prefer to see more home grown talent playing, but that's the just the bleu, blanc et rouge in me talking.

Boucher's not the only one interviewing to helm the CBJs. Hope he decides to stay put with the Habs for one more year. Would rather see Muller go to NJ and Boucher get kicked up to the big leagues in his stead. Was gonna shorthand Blue Jackets to BJs, but didn't want to give you the wrong idea Kamal. ;)

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