Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marches On - Montreal Canadiens

Found this vid on Habs Inside/Out. If this doesn't get you hyped about the Habs, then nothing will. Enjoy!


That is way cool. Love it! What's the music? It's familiar but I can't place it...

Live stream of the Deepwater Horizon underwater leak:

If this doesn't get you pissed at BP and make you boycott their brands (, I don't know what else will.

See the light--Do the Chronic--Luvs the Bubba

Why does the kid have to wear a full face shield just to touch the torch to center ice? That's tres gay.

Luvs the chronic Bubba

Cheaters! Your team deserves to lose the series and never win the Cup for the next 100 years!:

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