Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Live in-game chat for Game 3 - Habs v. Flyers!

Yep, we're back again...Steven Hindle from, Prax from The Checking Line and yours truly will be hosting another LIVE in-game chat for tomorrow's pivotal Game Three in Montreal.

Is it because we believe, or because we're a bunch of sadists? Who knows. But it will be fun either way!

Oh, and we will be having a special surprise guest (to be announced tomorrow) so make sure you sign up now!


"Wednesday, May 19, 2010: Live in-game chat for Game 3 - Habs v. Pens!"

No wonder y'all are losin'. Can't figure out who yur playin'.


Hi Bubba and thanks for your comment. That is the date that the widget was posted but if you look at the widget it clearly says Thursday may 20.

Thanks anyway!

But WHO are the "Pens"? Is that who y'all be playin today? I thought it was the Flyers.

Your Welcome,

Hehe...yep, missed that....fixed now, thanks again!

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