Friday, April 23, 2010

Sal, the Angry and passionate Habs fan - Does he speak for us all?

In case you haven't heard it yet, here is the clip of Sal, the angry Habs fan, calling in to the Team 990 post-game show after the last Caps game.

I think he speaks for a lot of us, especially when he says that he is a "...proud and frustrated Habs fan..."

You listening, Geoff Molson?

So what do you think? Does he speak for you? Do you agree with Sal? Disagree?


Hehe....Ok, well these are not the comments I expected as I thought people would talk more about the caller.

But, that's ok too!

Thanks for your comments folks!

If you can get past his delivery, he makes some strong points - mostly against the management. You can be sure management will strongly ignore it, at least for the time being. I hope you're wrong about Molson taking another year before he starts cleaning house. He inherited JM. Not sure WTF he was thinking about PG, but that is a mistake that can be fixed too.


Just ANYBODY but the Caps. Puhleeze!

And I say this in all honesty... I've always hated the Caps. They're right up there with the Flyers and the Bruins for me in terms of hatred. The only team that can offend me more than those three (combined no less) is the Leafs, and once again this year they don't count. Thank GAWD for small mercies.

Hehe, yep I also HOPE that Molson will make a clean sweep THIS summer rather than wait a year.

You're right, he DID inherit this team. Hopefully he can see the anger of Habs fans.

Sal, while yelling, DOES make a bunch of great points.

To me, the thing that stood out the most was when he said he was a "proud and frustrated" fans.

Who out of us, can't relate to that. Isn't it enough of the mediocrity?

That's what is frustrating me beyond belief. This is an OFFENSIVELY built team playing for an antiquated coach and his never-won-a-freaking-thing DEFENSIVE system. He had a better team in Ottawa and what happened? Nothing. It's not the team being mediocre. It's the coach. He's capable of destroying the Caps this round - all he has to do is coach them instead of the Habs. If the 2 coaches were suddenly switched, I'm willing to bet that fans would be a lot less likely to label the Habs as a mediocre team.

Ya I have to agree with most (if not all) of his points too. Rarely does a coach make such odd (stupid?) decisions about matchups and icetime that I notice, let alone get irate. I also hope to GAWD that JM is dismissed and we find a coach that can implement a system that plays to the players strengths, and who can adapt on the fly.

Yep, JM and the players he has don't mesh. Offesive players playing a defensive system.

We'll see what the summer brings!

He has a point about coaching so far, but is it me or does he have some issues to work out? If this guy is married or has kids I'd be watching them carefully for black eyes or unexplained bruises. Holy shit. Someone might want to explain to him that he needs a little perspective... That or we need to hire sal, put him on the fourth line and turn him loose on washington.


Hi there Patrick and thanks for you comment!

Brilliant! Someone call Mensa!

But seriously though, you are right....while Sal makes a lot of good points we all have to remember that hockey is just a game and there is more to life than just that—although it doesn't always seem that way.

Thanks again and please keep the comments coming!

Marc-Andre Bergeron is blind!

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