Monday, April 26, 2010

Live In-game Chat for Game Six - Habs v. Caps.

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Notwithstanding all of those who fell for McGuire's 32 to the top line game changer meme the difference is 20 who has been terrific and enabled us to have 2 solid defence pairs. PK gives us a 5th solid defenceman.

I'm still not confident we can advance with this coach. I love Moen but as I've pointed out this is like playing Gainey with Lafleur and Lemaire.

Pouliot played well - for all of 5 minutes. He scored 15 times in 39 games but, on a team that has trouble scoring, the genius behind the bench has him on the 4th line.

Between them 42 and 15 played less than 19 minutes last night. This is not sustainable. Alas the hockey gods touched the shoulders of Jaro last night but with Lapierre scoring the 3rd goal they did us no favours. Instead of Lapierrre sitting, as he deserves, and the very effective 3rd line of 32-42-74 being reunited in game 7, unless Spacek has Lapierre over for dinner and sits close to him, we can look forward to McGuire's monster Lapierre playing on the 3rd line and who knows how many stupid plays he will make with the series on the line.

In addition to having better numbers this year than Lapierre, SK74 had 131 points and was plus 38 in Junior as compared with Lapierre's 52 and minus 10. This is one dumb coach but that was obvious when he sat 20 so he could play minus 8 Bergeron on defence.

Terry Gain

Hello again Terry and Chris and thanks for your comments!

Hope you both enjoyed the live chat last night! If you took part, thanks for participating!

Terry, once again you make some GREAT points.

Moen with Gomez and Gionta is a stop-gap move. Its working right now, but who knows how long that will last. Yes the Habs need goals and Pouliot has the potential, but he has not been an offensive threat in over a month.

That being said, I have noticed over the last two game a few flashes of the old Pouliot, and maybe he can rediscover his scoring touch, which would make the Habs a force to contend with.

As much as Lapierre took a ton of bad penalties, he did play one of his best games in a long time. He was combative and moving his feet.

The goal by Lapierre was a welcome one as the Habs NEED scoring from the bottom two lines in order to have any chance.

As for Sergei, well, JM just doesn't like him. Period. I don't know why, but he doesn't. I too would have him in the lineup over pretty much anyone on the bottom two lines. JM, however, seems to look for any opportunity to bench the guy.

Sad, but I think that IF JM is NOT fired this summer, that will means that SK74 will be shipped out of town.

Unfortunately, but likely.

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