Sunday, April 25, 2010

Habs News Links - Back to practice, the 7th man in Montreal, Belanger before and after

Habs Inside/out - Back to practice on eve of Game 6

Capitals warrior Belanger - before and after

RDS - Habs are counting on the 7th man (French)

Boudreau let's his frustration out (French)

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I love Boudreau's whining - NOT! Does he really think anyone in the Habs organization or fan world is going to have sympathy for the officiating? Game 2 alone the refs might have just as well dropped the stupid puck into the Habs nets themselves cause the effect was the same. And he might talk about blown calls against the Habs, but his boys got lucky with a few missed penalties themselves in Game 5. Stop your whining BB. It's the playoffs, so everyone but Bettman gets the shaft - some of us more than others.

A put upon Habs fan.
It's a conspiracy I tell ya! A conspiracy!

LOL!! Thanks for another one of your always insight comments!

Yep, BB was crying but, at the end of the day, ALL teams have bad calls against them.

While most fans feel that the refs are always the worst against their team, the reality is that the refs tend to be equally bad.

By that I mean that over the course of an 82 game season, the calls for and against you tend to even out.

Game 2, there is no question the refereeing was horendous, but the Habs still let a 4-1 lead get away from that. That was the main reason, imo, that the Habs lost.

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