Monday, February 15, 2010

Habs on hiatus and a little rest for the wicked...

Well the Olympics have finally started and from the looks of the first weekend, we are going to be witnessing some incredible moments in sport.

With the Habs now on a two-week break, this blogger will also be taking a pause. However, I will be providing random musings and reports about the Olympics, and about Olympic hockey in particular.

So check back on a regular basis to hear what this addict thinks about what's going on.

I'll also be providing info about the five Habs players who will be playing in the games: Halak, Plekanec, the two Kostitsyn brothers and Andrei Markov.

I've got to say that I'll be wearing my heart on my sleeve and am rooting 100% for Team Canada.

Enjoy the games, all. This is bound to be some incredible hockey and other sports, coming up over the next little while. So sit back, soak it all in and revel in the history as it is written before your eyes.



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