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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily Habs Links - More on Gainey, Habs prepare for Caps, Gauthier, MAB and Pouliot out till March

Gainey Steps Down as GM, Gauthier Takes Over
Habs Inside/Out:

EXCELLENT piece by Dave Stubbs of the Gazette, on Gainey:

Piece by Pat Hickey, of the Gazette, on Gainey:

RDS - It was a good day for me (French)

A summary of Bob Gainey's years as Habs' GM (French)

TSN: - Gauthier takes over as Canadiens' GM

Scott Burnside - Plenty of work ahead for Habs

Other Habs News:
Habs Inside/Out - Day off? Sure, tell me another one!

Bergeron out 6-8 weeks

Bergeron and Pouliot out will March

RDS - A long absence (French)

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