Monday, April 7, 2008

Get PJ Stock OFF of the Team 990

Is it just me, or is anyone else out there fed up of hearing that goof PJ Stock on the Team 990?

Here is an email I just sent to Mitch Melnick, Tony Marinaro and the General Manager, Wayne Bews:

Can we get PJ off of the air yet or what? Yes, I understand that your station directors enjoy the angst that PJ stirs up, but what ever happened to journalistic integrity?

Why is it that PJ can come on the air, ALL YEAR LONG, and talk from his heart and not from his head? He quite obviously hates the Canadiens, which is his perogative, but why can he not give an objective point of view?

You don't hear Elliot Price talking out of his ass about the Habs, even though he is a Chicago don't hear Rod Francis talking with hatred, even though he is not a Habs fan.
Why is it that these guys can be professional and speak OBJECTIVELY about the Canadiens, but PJ can't? And why is it that your station tolerates and promotes that?

Whether you are a fan or not, there is no denying that the Canadies have played well, they have overcome adversity, they have won the conference and their division, first seed overall, etc, etc, etc.

Look, there is no question that NO ONE expected the Habs to be where they are, but THEY ARE. They DID achieve.

Why, why, why do we have to put up with the unprofessionalism that PJ dishes out day after day after day? It's EXACTLY like Don Cherry. this past weekend, bashing Kovalev on CBC because he was pissed. Pissed that the Leafs are out of the playoffs, pissed that Montreal beat the Leafs, pissed that Montreal has done so well.

His heart was hurting, and AS A FAN, and not a non-partisan journalist, he says that Kovalev coasted last year, he did great this year, but he'll coast again next year.

PJ is our mini-version of Cherry. He speaks based on what he wishes was true, and not based on fact.

Get that joker off of your air waves. You have a group of consumate professional on the Team 990, to a man (and woman) EXCEPT for PJ.

Why? I ask you why?

Bring on the playoffs....bring on the Bruins...and bring on another round of PJ making up reasons why the Habs "got lucky" in beating Boston in round one.

Thoughts? Comments?



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